TargetClass - property in ROOT\Microsoft\Windows\Storage\PT\Alt namespace

TargetClass in other namespaces

List of classes with TargetClass local property in ROOT\Microsoft\Windows\Storage\PT\Alt namespace


List of classes with TargetClass derived property in ROOT\Microsoft\Windows\Storage\PT\Alt namespace


Code samples for TargetClass property

The class __ClassOperationEvent is abstract and serves only as a base for new classes. You cannot create instances of abstract class, see derived classes.

Get a Class as object

Short VB Script code to get the abstract class __ClassOperationEvent.
See in another language: C#, VB.Net.
Dim wmiClass, oProperty
Set wmiClass = GetObject( _
 "WINMGMTS:\\.\ROOT\Microsoft\Windows\Storage\PT\Alt:" + _

'get some class property 
Wscript.Echo wmiClass.properties_("TargetClass").Origin 'or other property name, see properties

'Check if the class is singleton
Wscript.Echo wmiClass.Path_.IsSingleton

'Get number of methods in the class
Wscript.Echo wmiClass.Methods_.Count

'List class properties
For Each oProperty In wmiClass.properties_
	'get property name and origin. Property value in the class is null, of course.
	Wscript.Echo oProperty.Name, oProperty.Origin, oProperty.Value


List of all instances, wmi class __ClassOperationEvent.
Dim oWMI, Instances, Instance

'Get base WMI object, "." means computer name (local)
Set oWMI = GetObject("WINMGMTS:\\.\ROOT\Microsoft\Windows\Storage\PT\Alt")

'Get instances of __ClassOperationEvent - all instances of this class and derived classes 
Set Instances = oWMI.InstancesOf("__ClassOperationEvent")

'Enumerate instances  
For Each Instance In Instances 
  'Do something with the instance
  Wscript.Echo Instance.TargetClass 'or other property name
Next 'Instance
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