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DhcpServerv6 Statistics

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GetPS_DhcpServerv6Statisticsuint32 {'out':True}

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Get method
Returnuint32 {'out':True}
ComputerNamestring0-{'Description':'DNS name or IP address of the target computer running the DHCP server service.','In':True}
cmdletOutputobject:DhcpServerv6Statistics1-{'Description':' Type Name Description DhcpServerv6Statistics { uint32 Solicits Number of solicits received by server uint32 Advertises Number of advertises sent by server uint32 PendingAdvertises Number of advertises sent by server which are not yet acknowledged uint32 Confirms Number of confirms sent by server uint32 Declines Number of declines received by server uint32 Informs Number of informs received by server uint32 Rebinds Number of rebinds received by server uint32 Releases Number of releases received by server uint32 Renews Number of renews received by server uint32 Replies Number of replies sent by server uint32 Requests Number of requests received by server DateTime ServerStartTime Server start time. Output format will be as per the time zone of the user and the culture setting. uint32 TotalScopes Total Number of scopes on server uint32 TotalAddresses Total addresses across all scopes on the server uint32 AddressesInUse Addresses in use across all scopes on the server uint32 AddressesAvailable Addresses available across all scopes on the server real32 PercentageInUse Percentage of addresses in use real32 PercentagePendingAdvertises Percentage of addresses sent by the server which are not yet acknowledged real32 PercentageAvailable Percentage of addresses available }','Out':True}
Description'Gets the DHCP Server statistics for IPv6'
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Description'DhcpServerv6 Statistics'

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