InterpretationOfFalse - property in ROOT\CIMV2 namespace

InterpretationOfFalse in other namespaces

List of classes with InterpretationOfFalse local property in ROOT\CIMV2 namespace


Code samples for InterpretationOfFalse property

The class CIM_BinarySensor is abstract and serves only as a base for new classes.

Get a Class as object

Short VB Script code to get the abstract class CIM_BinarySensor.
See in another language: C#, VB.Net.
Dim wmiClass, oProperty
Set wmiClass = GetObject( _
 "WINMGMTS:\\.\ROOT\cimv2:" + _

'get some class property 
Wscript.Echo wmiClass.properties_("InterpretationOfFalse").Origin 'or other property name, see properties

'Check if the class is singleton
Wscript.Echo wmiClass.Path_.IsSingleton

'Get number of methods in the class
Wscript.Echo wmiClass.Methods_.Count

'List class properties
For Each oProperty In wmiClass.properties_
	'get property name and origin. Property value in the class is null, of course.
	Wscript.Echo oProperty.Name, oProperty.Origin, oProperty.Value


List of all instances, wmi class CIM_BinarySensor.
Dim oWMI, Instances, Instance

'Get base WMI object, "." means computer name (local)
Set oWMI = GetObject("WINMGMTS:\\.\ROOT\cimv2")

'Get instances of CIM_BinarySensor - all instances of this class and derived classes 
Set Instances = oWMI.InstancesOf("CIM_BinarySensor")

'Enumerate instances  
For Each Instance In Instances 
  'Do something with the instance
  Wscript.Echo Instance.InterpretationOfFalse 'or other property name
Next 'Instance
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