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ActiveMSiSCSI_ManagementOperations11 [boolean]
MSiSCSI_ManagementOperations8 [string]

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Local methods (1) of MSiSCSI_ManagementOperations class

PingIPAddress method
RequestCountuint320-{'Description':'Number of requests to send','in':True}
RequestSizeuint321-{'Description':'Number of bytes in each request','in':True}
Timeoutuint322-{'Description':'Number of ms to wait for response','in':True}
Addressobject:ISCSI_IP_Address3-{'description':'IP address to ping','in':True}
Statusuint324-{'Description':'Status code resulting from operation','out':True,'ValueMap':['0', '0xEFFF0001', '0xEFFF0002', '0xEFFF0003', '0xEFFF0004', '0xEFFF0005', '0xEFFF0006', '0xEFFF0007', '0xEFFF0008', '0xEFFF0009', '0xEFFF000A', '0xEFFF000B', '0xEFFF000C', '0xEFFF000D', '0xEFFF000E', '0xEFFF000F', '0xEFFF0010', '0xEFFF0011', '0xEFFF0012', '0xEFFF0013', '0xEFFF0014', '0xEFFF0015', '0xEFFF0016', '0xEFFF0017', '0xEFFF0018', '0xEFFF0019', '0xEFFF001A', '0xEFFF001B', '0xEFFF001C', '0xEFFF001D', '0xEFFF001E', '0xEFFF001F', '0xEFFF0020', '0xEFFF0021', '0xEFFF0022', '0xEFFF0023', '0xEFFF0024', '0xEFFF0025', '0xEFFF0026', '0xEFFF0027', '0xEFFF0028', '0xEFFF0029', '0xEFFF002A', '0xEFFF002B', '0xEFFF002C', '0xEFFF002D', '0xEFFF002E', '0xEFFF002F', '0xEFFF0030', '0xEFFF0031', '0xEFFF0032', '0xEFFF0033', '0xEFFF0034', '0xEFFF0035', '0xEFFF0036', '0xEFFF0037', '0xEFFF0038', '0xEFFF0039', '0xEFFF003A', '0xAFFF003B', '0xEFFF003C', '0xEFFF003D', '0xEFFF003E', '0xEFFF003F', '0xEFFF0040', '0xEFFF0041', '0xEFFF0042', '0xEFFF0043', '0xEFFF0044', '0xEFFF0045', '0xEFFF0046', '0xEFFF0047', '0xAFFF0048', '0xEFFF0049', '0xEFFF004A', '0xEFFF004B', '0xEFFF004C', '0xAFFF004D', '0xEFFF004E', '0xEFFF004F', '0xEFFF0050', '0xEFFF0051', '0xEFFF0052', '0xEFFF0053', '0xEFFF0054', '0xEFFF0055', '0xEFFF0056', '0xEFFF0057', '0xEFFF0058', '0xEFFF0059', '0xEFFF005A', '0xEFFF005B', '0xEFFF005C', '0xEFFF005D', '0xEFFF005E', '0xEFFF005F', '0xEFFF0060', '0xEFFF0061', '0xEFFF0062', '0xEFFF0063', '0xEFFF0064'],'Values':['Success', 'Non Specific Error', 'Login Failed', 'Connection Failed', 'Initiator Node Already Exists', 'Initiator Node Does Not Exist', 'Target Moved Temporarily', 'Target Moved Permamently', 'Initiator Error', 'Authentication Failure', 'Authorization Failure', 'Not Found', 'Target Removed', 'Unsupported Version', 'Too many Connections', 'Missing Parameter', 'Can not include in session', 'Session type not supported', 'Target Error', 'Service Unavailable', 'Out of Resources', 'Connections already exist on initiator node', 'Session Already Exists', 'Initiator Instance Does Not Exist', 'Target Already Exists', 'The iscsi driver implementation did not complete an operation correctly', 'An invalid key text was encountered', 'Invalid SendTargets response text was encountered', 'Invalid Session Id', 'The scsi request failed', 'Exceeded max sessions for this initiator.', 'Session is busy since a request is already in progress.', 'The target mapping is not available', 'The Target Address type given is not supported', 'Logon Failed', 'TCP Send Failed', 'TCP Transport Error', 'iSCSI Version Mismatch', 'The Target Mapping Address passed is out of range for the adapter configuration', 'The preshared key for the target or IKE identification payload is not available.', 'The authentication information for the target is not available', 'The target name is not found or is marked as hidden from login.', 'One or more parameters specified in LoginTargetIN structure is invalid.', 'Given target mapping already exists.', 'The HBA security information cache is full.', 'The port number passed is not valid for the initiator.', 'Operation was not successful for all initiators.', 'The HBA security information cache is not supported by this adapter.', 'The IKE id payload type specified is not supported.', 'The IKE id payload size specified is not correct.', 'Target Portal Structure Already Exists.', 'Target Address Structure Already Exists.', 'There is no IKE authentication information available.', 'There is no tunnel mode outer address specified.', 'Authentication or tunnel address cache is corrupted.', 'The request or operation is not supported.', 'The target does not have enough resources to process the given request.', 'The initiator service did not respond to the request sent by the driver.', 'The iSNS server was not found or is unavailable.', 'The operation was successful but requires a driver reload or reboot to become effective.', 'There is no target portal available to complete the login.', 'Cannot remove the last connection for a session.', 'The Microsoft iSCSI initiator service has not been started.', 'The target has already been logged in via an iSCSI session.', 'The session cannot be logged out since a device on that session is currently being used.', 'Failed to save persistent login information.', 'Failed to remove persistent login information.', 'The specified initiator name was not found.', 'The specified portal was not found.', 'The specified discovery mechanism was not found.', 'iSCSI does not support IPSEC for this version of the OS.', 'The iSCSI service timed out waiting for all persistent logins to complete.', 'The specified CHAP secret is less than 96 bits and will not be usable for authenticating over non ipsec connections.', 'The evaluation period for the iSCSI initiator service has expired.', 'CHAP secret given does not conform to the standard. Please see system event log for more information.', 'Target CHAP secret given is invalid.', 'Initiator CHAP secret given is invalid.', 'CHAP Username given is invalid.', 'Logon Authentication type given is invalid.', 'Target Mapping information given is invalid.', 'Target Id given in Target Mapping is invalid.', 'The iSCSI name specified contains invalid characters or is too long.', 'The iSNS version number returned from the iSNS server is not compatible with this version of the iSNS client.', 'Initiator failed to configure IPSec for the given connection. This could be because of low resources.', 'The buffer given for processing the request is too small.', 'The given Load Balance policy is not recognized by iScsi initiator.', 'One or more paramaters specified is not valid.', 'Duplicate PathIds were specified in the call to set Load Balance Policy.', 'Number of paths specified in Set Load Balance Policy does not match the number of paths to the target.', 'Path Id specified in the call to set Load Balance Policy is not valid.', 'Multiple primary paths specified when only one primary path is expected.', 'No primary path specified when at least one is expected.', 'Volume is already a persistently bound volume.', 'Volume was not found.', 'The volume specified does not originate from an iSCSI disk.', 'The DNS name specified was not resolved.', 'There is no connection available in the iSCSI session to process the request.', 'The given Load Balance policy is not supported.', 'A remove connection request is already in progress for this session.', 'Given connection was not found in the session.', 'The leading connection in the session cannot be removed.']}
ResponsesReceiveduint325-{'Description':'Number of responses received','out':True}
// This method is recommended.
// Ping will perform ICMP ping requests to the destination address
// and return the number of ping responses received. This is only supported
// by some HBA, use the ping command for the software initiator.
Description'Perform an ICMP ping'
PingIPAddress method is in 1 class (MSiSCSI_ManagementOperations) of ROOT\WMI and in 1 namespace

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Active property
Active property is in 378 classes of ROOT\WMI and in 8 namespaces
InstanceName property
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MSiSCSI_ManagementOperations Qualifiers

// This class is recommended.
// iSCSI management applications rely upon this
// class in order to interface with the adapter. Implement one instance
// per miniport instance (adapter).
// This class must be registered using PDO instance names with a single instance.

MSiSCSI_ManagementOperations System properties

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