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Data for Scsi Info Exceptions Mode Page

MSStorageDriver_ScsiInfoExceptions properties

MSStorageDriver_ScsiInfoExceptions has 6 properties (6 Local)

FlagsMSStorageDriver_ScsiInfoExceptions17 [uint8]
IntervalTimerMSStorageDriver_ScsiInfoExceptions19 [uint32]
MRIEMSStorageDriver_ScsiInfoExceptions17 [uint8]
PaddingMSStorageDriver_ScsiInfoExceptions17 [uint8]
PageSavableMSStorageDriver_ScsiInfoExceptions11 [boolean]
ReportCountMSStorageDriver_ScsiInfoExceptions19 [uint32]

Detailed description of MSStorageDriver_ScsiInfoExceptions properties

Local properties (6) of MSStorageDriver_ScsiInfoExceptions class

Flags property
BitValues['Perf', 'DExcpt', 'Test', 'LogErr']
Description'Bit flags: Perf set to zero indicates that informational exception operations that are the cause of delays are acceptable. DExcpt set to zero indicates information exception operations shall be enabled. Test of one instructs the drive to create false drive failures. LogErr bit of zero indicates that logging of informational exception conditions are vendor specific.'
Flags property is in 657 classes of ROOT\WMI\ms_409 and in 142 namespaces
IntervalTimer property
Description'Period in 100ms increments for reporting that an information exception condition has occurred.'
DisplayName'Interval Timer'
IntervalTimer property is in 1 class (MSStorageDriver_ScsiInfoExceptions) of ROOT\WMI\ms_409 and in 2 namespaces
MRIE property
Description'The Method of Reporting Informational Exceptions (MRIE) indicates the methods that shall be used by the target to report information exception conditions.'
DisplayName'Reporting Method'
Values['No Reporting', 'Asynchronous Event Reporting', 'Generate Unit Attention', 'Conditionally Generate Recovered Error', 'Unconditionally Generate Recovered Error', 'Generate No Sense', 'Report On Request']
MRIE property is in 1 class (MSStorageDriver_ScsiInfoExceptions) of ROOT\WMI\ms_409 and in 2 namespaces
Padding property
Description'Buffer padding to 32 bits, do not use'
Padding property is in 2 classes of ROOT\WMI\ms_409 and in 5 namespaces
PageSavable property
Description'The returned Parameter Savable bit of 1 indicates that page parameter data is savable.'
DisplayName'Page Savable'
PageSavable property is in 1 class (MSStorageDriver_ScsiInfoExceptions) of ROOT\WMI\ms_409 and in 2 namespaces
ReportCount property
Description'Indicates the number of times to report an informational exception condition to the application client. A value of zero indications there is no limit.'
DisplayName'Report Count'
ReportCount property is in 1 class (MSStorageDriver_ScsiInfoExceptions) of ROOT\WMI\ms_409 and in 2 namespaces

MSStorageDriver_ScsiInfoExceptions Qualifiers

Description'Data for Scsi Info Exceptions Mode Page'
DisplayName'Scsi Info Exceptions'

MSStorageDriver_ScsiInfoExceptions System properties

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