Gravity battery calculator - potential energy

A gravity battery calculator is a tool designed to help users estimate the potential energy storage capacity of a gravity-based battery system. This type of battery utilizes the force of gravity to store and release energy, making it an innovative and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional batteries.


Fengning Power Station - 41,480,000 m3 of water, 425m
Bath County Pumped Storage Station - 43,911,000 m3 of water, 385m
Gravity battery calculator
Elevation [m]
Mass [tonne]
Accumulated energy
Energy [MJ]
Energy [kWh]
Energy [MWh]
Energy [MMBtu]
Calculator parameters
g [m • s-2]

The calculator asks to input a weight of the storage medium and the height of the system. Based on these inputs, the calculator will then estimate the amount of energy that can be stored in the system and the potential output power in Joule, Megawatt hours or British thermal unit.

The gravity battery calculator can be a useful tool for anyone interested in exploring the potential of gravity-based energy storage and its applications in various industries, for example Pumped-storage hydroelectricity.

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