MCI, COM interface constants for VB.Net / VBScript

MCI - interface constants

     This page contains simple VBA include for the MCI COM library.

library parameters

File NameWINDOWS\system32\MCI32.OCX


enum, 14 members.
  'Control's run-time errors
Public Enum ErrorConstants

  'Invalid property value
  mciInvalidPropertyValue = 380  '&H17C

  'Property is write-only
  mciGetNotSupported = 394  '&H18A

  'Property is read-only
  mciSetNotSupported = 383  '&H17F

  'Invalid procedure call
  mciInvalidProcedureCall = 5  '&H5

  'Invalid object use
  mciInvalidObjectUse = 425  '&H1A9

  'Specified format doesn't match format of data
  mciWrongClipboardFormat = 461  '&H1CD

  'DataObject formats list may not be cleared or expanded outside of the OLEStartDrag event
  mciDataObjectLocked = 672  '&H2A0

  'Expected at least one argument.
  mciExpectedAnArgument = 673  '&H2A1

  'Illegal recursive invocation of OLE drag and drop
  mciRecursiveOleDrag = 674  '&H2A2

  'Non-intrinsic OLE drag and drop formats used with SetData require Byte array data.  GetData may return more bytes than were given to SetData.
  mciFormatNotByteArray = 675  '&H2A3

  'Requested data was not supplied to the DataObject during the OLESetData event.
  mciDataNotSetForFormat = 676  '&H2A4

  'Can't create button
  mciCantCreateButton = 30001  '&H7531

  'Can't create timer resource
  mciCantCreateTimer = 30002  '&H7532

  'Unsupported function
  mciUnsupportedFunction = 30004  '&H7534
End Enum


enum, 2 members.
  'BorderStyle constants.
Public Enum BorderStyleConstants

  'No border
  mciNone = 0  '&H0

  'Fixed single
  mciFixedSingle = 1  '&H1
End Enum


enum, 2 members.
  'RecordMode constants.
Public Enum RecordModeConstants

  'Insert recording mode.
  mciRecordInsert = 0  '&H0

  'Overwrite recording mode
  mciRecordOverwrite = 1  '&H1
End Enum


enum, 17 members.
  'MousePointer constants.
Public Enum MousePointerConstants

  mciDefault = 0  '&H0

  'Arrow mouse pointer.
  mciArrow = 1  '&H1

  'Cross mouse pointer.
  mciCross = 2  '&H2

  'I-Beam mouse pointer.
  mciIBeam = 3  '&H3

  'Icon mouse pointer.
  mciIcon = 4  '&H4

  'Size mouse pointer.
  mciSize = 5  '&H5

  'Size NE SW mouse pointer.
  mciSizeNESW = 6  '&H6

  'Size N S mouse pointer.
  mciSizeNS = 7  '&H7

  'Size NW SE mouse pointer.
  mciSizeNWSE = 8  '&H8

  'Size W E mouse pointer.
  mciSizeEW = 9  '&H9

  'Up arrow mouse pointer.
  mciUpArrow = 10  '&HA

  'Hourglass mouse pointer.
  mciHourglass = 11  '&HB

  'No drop mouse pointer.
  mciNoDrop = 12  '&HC

  'Arrow and Hourglass mouse pointer
  mciArrowHourglass = 13  '&HD

  'Arrow and Question mark mouse pointer
  mciArrowQuestion = 14  '&HE

  'Size all mouse pointer
  mciSizeAll = 15  '&HF

  'Custom mouse pointer icon specified by the MouseIcon property
  mciCustom = 99  '&H63
End Enum


enum, 7 members.
  'Mode constants.
Public Enum ModeConstants

  'Device not open.
  mciModeNotOpen = 524  '&H20C

  'Device stop.
  mciModeStop = 525  '&H20D

  'Device play.
  mciModePlay = 526  '&H20E

  'Device record.
  mciModeRecord = 527  '&H20F

  'Device seek.
  mciModeSeek = 528  '&H210

  'Device pause.
  mciModePause = 529  '&H211

  'Device ready.
  mciModeReady = 530  '&H212
End Enum


enum, 4 members.
  'Notify constants.
Public Enum NotifyConstants

  'Command completed successfully
  mciNotifySuccessful = 1  '&H1

  'Command superseded by another command
  mciNotifySuperseded = 2  '&H2

  'Command aborted by user
  mciAborted = 4  '&H4

  'Command failed
  mciFailure = 8  '&H8
End Enum


enum, 2 members.
  'Orientation constants.
Public Enum OrientationConstants

  'Buttons arranged horizontally.
  mciOrientHorz = 0  '&H0

  'Buttons arranged vertically
  mciOrientVert = 1  '&H1
End Enum


enum, 11 members.
  'Constants for TimeFormat Property
Public Enum FormatConstants

  'Milliseconds format
  mciFormatMilliseconds = 0  '&H0

  'Hours, seconds, minutes format.
  mciFormatHms = 1  '&H1

  'Minutes, seconds, frames format
  mciFormatMsf = 2  '&H2

  'Frames format.
  mciFormatFrames = 3  '&H3

  '24-frame SMPTE format.
  mciFormatSmpte24 = 4  '&H4

  '25-frame SMPTE format
  mciFormatSmpte25 = 5  '&H5

  '30-frame SMPTE format.
  mciFormatSmpte30 = 6  '&H6

  '30-drop-frame SMPTE format
  mciFormatSmpte30Drop = 7  '&H7

  'Bytes format
  mciFormatBytes = 8  '&H8

  'Samples format
  mciFormatSamples = 9  '&H9

  'Tracks, minutes, seconds, frames format.
  mciFormatTmsf = 10  '&HA
End Enum


enum, 2 members.
  'Constants for the OLEDropMode property (but not the DragMode or OLEDragMode properties).
Public Enum OLEDropConstants

  'Accepts no OLE drag/drop operations.
  mciOLEDropNone = 0  '&H0

  'Accepts an OLE drag/drop under programmatic control only.
  mciOLEDropManual = 1  '&H1
End Enum


enum, 3 members.
  'State transition constants for the DragOver and OLEDragOver events.
Public Enum DragOverConstants

  'Source control dragged into target.
  mciEnter = 0  '&H0

  'Source control dragged out of target.
  mciLeave = 1  '&H1

  'Source control dragged from one position in target to another.
  mciOver = 2  '&H2
End Enum


enum, 8 members.
  'Clipboard format constants.
Public Enum ClipBoardConstants

  'Text (.TXT file).
  mciCFText = 1  '&H1

  'Bitmap (.BMP file).
  mciCFBitmap = 2  '&H2

  'Metafile (.WMF file).
  mciCFMetafile = 3  '&H3

  'Device-independent bitmap.
  mciCFDIB = 8  '&H8

  'Color palette.
  mciCFPalette = 9  '&H9

  'Enhanced metafile (.EMF file).
  mciCFEMetafile = 14  '&HE

  'Filename list (Microsoft Windows Explorer)
  mciCFFiles = 15  '&HF

  'Rich Text Format (.RTF file).
  mciCFRTF = -16639  '&HFFFFBF01
End Enum


enum, 4 members.
  'Drop effect constants for OLE drag and drop events.
Public Enum OLEDropEffectConstants

  'No OLE drag/drop operation has taken place/would take place.
  mciOLEDropEffectNone = 0  '&H0

  'A mask to indicate that a copy has taken place/would take place.
  mciOLEDropEffectCopy = 1  '&H1

  'A mask to indicate that a move has take place/would take place.
  mciOLEDropEffectMove = 2  '&H2

  'A mask to indicate that the drop target window has scrolled/would scroll.
  mciOLEDropEffectScroll = -2147483648  '&H80000000
End Enum
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